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Scouting 10 Essentials


They’re called “essentials” for a reason.  Every packing list starts with these 10_essentials that should be brought by each individual Scout to any outdoor activity, such as camping or hiking.

Equally important to knowing what to bring for outdoor adventures is where to find it!

Standard Gear Pack List

Each Scout should review the Troop 348 Gear Pack List for that next camping trip, especially knowing what to pack for winter camping or inclement weather, so that there are no surprises when you get there!

Boys' Life online has posted a few handy Gear Checklists, plus insider tips for most outdoor adventures.

50 Miler Hiking List

Outdoor Clothing

View this helpful infographic to learn the secrets to dressing for the outdoors... layering. Most especially, in cold and wet conditions, it is important to remember the popular Troop refrain -- "Cotton is rotten!"


Rainy Weather

And because we live in the Pacific Northwest.. here are 10-tips for making rainy backpacking way better!

Troop 348 Camping Recipes (2nd Ed.)

An important part of the scout outdoor experience is for the Troop to plan and prepare meals. The Troop 348 Camping Recipes is a useful resource of the usual easy-to-do favorites that lead to a fun camping event, with even a bit of learning along the way.

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